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We Are Royal is a member-driven Harry Potter roleplay that strives to create an environment rich in character development and community without a restricting plot or binding expectations. While War identifies as a Harry Potter roleplay it is so much more than that, offering a unique experience in the Wizarding World we've all come to know and love. Though canon is acknowledged up to the Battle at Hogwarts not a single canon from the books are currently present, we've simply removed all traces of them in order to provide room for original characters and original canon. You are the main character of your story.
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My overtime should be ending soon and War may return. Keep an eye out. Join the thread in 'Daily Prophet' to talk until the cbox returns, if you'd like. See you soon, Warriors! - Tany

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 Vacation Notice
 Posted: Mar 1 2016, 05:46 PM
Tany resident badger queen
highgarden, westeros birthplace
khaleesi of we are royal occupation
twenty seven age
590 posts post count
tany (she/her) author

Vacation Notice
come back to us soon!

Going away for a determined/undetermined amount of time? Need to take a break because of school, work, or general life? Everyone needs a break and we understand that not everyone has an unlimited amount of time to spend roleplaying! Roleplaying is a leisure activity, after all, and is meant to be fun and stress free, so don't worry about your account being compromised in your absence so long as you post here!

Just use the form to make it easy on us to know when you're leaving and when you plan to return. Your post will be deleted on the date of return, so make sure you either update it if you'll be gone for a longer period of time or, if your notice has been deleted, post another one!


[b]NAME[/b] your alias
[b]CHARACTER(S)[/b] a list of canons you play
[b]DATE LEAVING[/b] the date you'll be going
[b]ESTIMATED RETURN[/b] when you'll be resuming play
[b]WHY?[/b] assuming you wish to share
[b]OTHER[/b] anything you want us to say regarding your characters IC absence?

we are the children of witches you could not burn
 Posted: Oct 20 2016, 06:59 PM
'Murica birthplace
29 age
2 posts post count
Lief (He/she/it) author

ESTIMATED RETURN Winter Break, hopefully sooner
WHY? School
OTHER Well I'm a little embarrassed that I just joined and now I have to back out, but I don't think it's fair of me to make people wait a couple weeks between posts. However I am quite fond of this place, so I wish to return as soon as possible. I need to get some of my life together before I can say I'll be back with any regularity.
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