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We Are Royal is a member-driven Harry Potter roleplay that strives to create an environment rich in character development and community without a restricting plot or binding expectations. While War identifies as a Harry Potter roleplay it is so much more than that, offering a unique experience in the Wizarding World we've all come to know and love. Though canon is acknowledged up to the Battle at Hogwarts not a single canon from the books are currently present, we've simply removed all traces of them in order to provide room for original characters and original canon. You are the main character of your story.
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My overtime should be ending soon and War may return. Keep an eye out. Join the thread in 'Daily Prophet' to talk until the cbox returns, if you'd like. See you soon, Warriors! - Tany

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 don't need a hero, addy/eliza - bffs5evr
Elizabeth Roland
 Posted: Nov 1 2016, 02:46 PM
Elizabeth Roland Gryffindor Alumni
unknown birthplace
Security Officer occupation
nineteen age
11 posts post count
Tagg (he/him) author



Elizabeth couldn’t believe it. Even know, as she reread the letter for the hundredth time, she almost thought it was some sort of prank. But it couldn’t be – the signature was authentic. She would know, having an autographed poster of the signer from her last concert here in London. It had been an amazing concert, and she had been so lucky to even go, let alone get an autograph. That was the only part of the letter, however, that she could tell was one hundred percent real. Of all the people in the world to contact her, Adrestria Jasper had sent her an owl with a weekend contract. Adrestria Jasper! The Adrestria Jasper. ‘The Next Big Thing’ in wizard music. And Elizabeth believed it. The woman had enough stage presence to capture more than one stadium full of people.
The only thing that Eliza was worried about now was that the Lord Edwards would change his mind about giving her the weekend off. He hated to find out she was working for someone else, even if it was only temporary, for a day or two. That’s why she stopped telling him that’s where she was going when she asked for days off, or decided to leave the manor during her days off. It didn’t mean that sometimes he didn’t find out, but she was learning to be quicker and quieter about her ‘leaving the house’ plans. Today was a simple one – a quick break for the fireplace.

The early morning light shone in through the open windows, making the manor feel warm and welcoming, even in the almost absurd hour of morning that she was sneaking through it. Elizabeth held her shoes in one hand, keeping nearly silent, and a pinch of flu powder clutched tightly in her other fist. Stepping as lightly as she knew how, she made her way downstairs to the main fireplace as quickly as she dared. She made a started smile at Victoria as she passed her in the kitchen, waving awkwardly at her with her shoes.
“See you on Tuesday!” the dark skinned woman said, before dashing past her, the powder flying into the fireplace just beyond the older woman. A quick step into it, calling out, “Buckingham Gate Suites!” and Elizabeth was gone before anyone could say anything about it.

Stepping into a small nook in the hotel that was hidden away from muggle eyes, Elizabeth had to pause, mouth gaping open as she stepped around the corner into the main entrance hall. She had seen a lot of beautiful places in her short amount of days – she had gone to Hogwarts after all – but almost none as elegant as this place. Especially for a muggle building. For a moment, the young lioness let herself look around, spinning in the middle of the lobby as she attempted to absorb everything in. Until she caught one or two muggles watching her curiously.
Eliza straightened herself out, taking in a deep breath. She took out a small piece of parchment from her pocket, shouldered her pack, and made her way up the elevators. She could feel the excitement boiling just beneath her skin. As she approached the door, she couldn’t help but to straighten her hair, her shirt, her make up in hopes that she would look good for the star. Squaring her shoulders, Elizabeth knocked on the door, trying to hide her enthusiasm behind professionalism.
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