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We Are Royal is a member-driven Harry Potter roleplay that strives to create an environment rich in character development and community without a restricting plot or binding expectations. While War identifies as a Harry Potter roleplay it is so much more than that, offering a unique experience in the Wizarding World we've all come to know and love. Though canon is acknowledged up to the Battle at Hogwarts not a single canon from the books are currently present, we've simply removed all traces of them in order to provide room for original characters and original canon. You are the main character of your story.
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My overtime should be ending soon and War may return. Keep an eye out. Join the thread in 'Daily Prophet' to talk until the cbox returns, if you'd like. See you soon, Warriors! - Tany

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 Pomelo Antonelli, Hufflepuff, First Year, Mermyy
Pomelo Antonelli
 Posted: Oct 14 2016, 05:28 PM
Pomelo Antonelli first year hufflepuff
Baillieston, Glasgow, Scotland birthplace
Student occupation
Eleven age
1 posts post count
Mermyy (She/Her) author



Pomelo Ranier Antonelli


Mel, or any variation of Mel.




July 1




Glasgow, Scotland




Hufflepuff, 1st Year



Black Locust, Peacock Tail Feather, 11½", Surprisingly Pliant

Lulu (Barn Owl)




Taissa Farmiga


The Antonelli's home was always full ever since two separate families came together, a parent and three children in tow on either side, plus both sets of grandparents. It was never their plan to add yet another member to their already too-large family, but all the same it wasn't long before they announced that a baby girl would be joining their lot.

Pomelo is the seventh of seven children and the only child between Michael and Viola Antonelli. That being the case, she was always treated a little different by everyone in the house. It was something she never quite fully grasped, and she's asked just about everyone in her family (but still couldn't manage to get a straight answer), but no matter how anyone treated her, her bright and cheery personality was always the same. There wasn't a person in their home, or even in the neighborhood and eventually her school, that hadn't witnessed her beaming smile or boisterous laugh. It was as though it was her life's mission to bring a smile to the face of anyone she crosses paths with, and she embraced that mission with every fiber of her being.

She was always happy and energetic and playful, and she would laugh at just about everything, but there were strange times. Kettle tops got blown up into the ceiling more than a few times, the fireplace would suddenly light in the middle of family game night, a set of fireworks even went off a bit too soon once. Things just happened around her that no one could quite explain, and her family worried that her "bad luck" would follow her into primary school, which it did. Confetti randomly fell from the ceiling of her classroom, the colors of the chairs would sometimes change, and once a rabbit spent a day popping in and out of various desks in her classroom. Mel had a blast, but her family wasn't sure what to do when her teachers began asking all sorts of questions. When her Hogwarts letter came it finally made a little more sense to not just her parents, but her entire family. Not that they could give her school any sort of explanation; they just quietly withdrew her from there and spent a week deciding what they would do about this "school for magic" and the fact that their daughter--a perfectly normal if overly lively girl--had been accepted there.

Mel was more curious than anything, though there was a whole lot of excitement and bouncing around and a small incident that sent her brother for an impromptu swim in their neighbor's pool. That seemed to do a lot of the convincing for her parents. After promising that she would go to learn how to control her "abilities" so she wouldn't one day accidentally set the house on fire, Mel soon found herself absolutely giddy with excitement, finally on the train bound for Hogwarts.







 Posted: Oct 14 2016, 06:41 PM
Muffinface Snahx Guru
America Bitches birthplace
Goddess of Grilled Cheese occupation
23 age
20 posts post count
Muffinface (She/Her) author

We're super excited to welcome you to War and approve your application!

If you've been using our walkthrough to get started, then you know where you should head next!

If not, pop on over to the PENSIEVE and get signed up there so you can start your tracker, stamp collection, and more! Then be sure to CLAIM YOUR PLAYBY, post in the DIRECTORY, get a SHIPPER up and running, and get posting!

We can't wait to see what you bring to the game and community! <3

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